The Difference

My Approach

My approach is to build a long term business relationship, a business resource and partner not just a once a year contact.

  • With me you get me – not an office junior or someone else, me.
  • You are not only benefiting from my experience and my technical expertise – but also from my passion and enthusiasm to add value to you and your businesses.
  • I have the experience and knowledge to offer a full range of services, but I am experienced enough to know if more specialised help is needed and I have a network of specialists that we can rely on.
  • My approach can be best summarised as working with you to save you money whilst decreasing your stress – helping you to grow your business.

What to Expect from me

You get a personal service with me looking out for your best interests at all times.

I realise that my clients have businesses to run and wish to concentrate on making money and I am able to tailor my services to their requirements. I know that these requirements will change over the months and years. For example, I have a client who when they started, wanted statutory accounts and tax done by me with guidance and advice to do their own Payroll, VAT etc. Now, as they are more established and busier, they have handed these additional tasks over to me.

  • I make sure I talk to each client every six weeks or so and I encourage every client to phone or skype me with any questions or concerns.
  • I advise clients in advance when items are due so that they can plan ahead.
  • I do encourage Business Planning and Cash Flow Forecasting and provide a range of services to help and assist. The decision on how much you want to do here is yours.

If an introduction by me, to a member of my extensive business network, results in any commission this is always given back to you, my client, as a reduction in my invoiced costs. This means that you know I will only recommend something if I believe it is right for you and have no monetary gain in doing so. I am one of very few (maybe only) accountants that actually do this even though referral income can be common.

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The best guide I can give you to my services
is to let my clients speak for me…